Sunday, April 25, 2010


Fundraising. The act or process of raising funds i.e. collecting money, as for nonprofit organisations or for a political cause.

Today is the London Marathon, the biggest annual fundraising event on the planet.

Hundreds of Londoners, united by sport and a good cause, are taking part in the race or sponsoring someone who is.
Since the race began in 1981 runners have raised over £450 million.

Today you'll see hundreds of runners in fancy dress - such as rhinos, giant trees and Star Wars characters - all for charitable causes.

"Overseas, people look at you like you're insane," said Tim Rogers, who has run in fancy dress for the past 8 years. "In London, it's normal."

With the recent heatwave forecast to continue today with temperatures of over 20ºC, organisers were worried how this would affect runners, especially those dressed as chickens or Darth Vader. :-)

Fancy dress. A costume worn as a disguise
Heatwave. A period of unusually hot weather

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