Monday, May 17, 2010


Stun. To render unconscious, to shock or surprise.

You are stunned if you hit your head and lose consciousness.

Stun is used to express great surprise or shock. I was stunned when I found out I'd won the football pools (I wish! It's only an example :-)

Stun has been popularised as the adjective "stunning". Stunning means very attractive, impressive, astonishing. 

Like a beautiful and vivid photograph.
Or a brilliant theatrical performance.

Advertising copy likes the word too. Your hairdresser offers you a stunning new look, and property developers promise you a stunning new home (see photo). But then, they are only words :-)


  1. Can't remember the last time anybody described me as 'stunning'. Maybe cos it never happened...

  2. Me neither! No doubt they are shy :-)

  3. see how I stun... see how I stun...

    i usually associate expressions or word with lyrics.

    In this case, Interpol's 'Pace is the trick'

  4. Songs are definitely a great and fun way to learn a language. Thanks for the recommendation, I like it!