Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man flu

The term "man flu" is used to refer to men "who think a cold is the flu and a headache is a migrane" (Daily Mail).
It is suggested that men tend to present common illness as life-threatening and has become a popular joke in the UK.                                                                                                                                                              Listen to David Mitchell's soapbox. What does he think of the concept of man flu? What do YOU think of it?
                                                                                                      Soapbox. Impromptu or non-official public speaking.


  1. Jeje. Pues sí. En español, de toda la vida: "no saben estar enfermos". No, no saben. Fui la first en votar FUNNY. Absolutely agree with David, BTW. Lazy generalization... yes, it works I am afraid. LOL

  2. Yes. I blame their mothers. :-)

  3. Hi, well, being a Registered Pharmacist I think I´m prepare to give an interesting explanation to this particular subject.

    Man Flu is a real disease, with an ethiogenic viral agent that only appears to infect men... you women can not understand then the huge suffering of us when we are unlucky enough not to have a better excuse to stay at home while you want us to do something we don´t want to do!!!

    Being serious, I do really believe that your organic system is much better prepare for pain and aches than ours, probably in relation with the fact of motherhood and the pain level you can bear when you give to birth.

  4. Really? I had no idea it was a real disease. Thanks Jordi for enlightening me/us, much appreciated. Of course, there is then the question of whether people may "take advantage" of a certain illness? Hmmm!