Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Baking. The process of cooking bread, cakes, etc.

I am fortunate to live above a cake shop. This means I sometimes wake up to delicious smells of baking cakes, pastries and bread travelling up six floors to my nose.

In Spain pastries and biscuits are something you have for breakfast, and eating cake forms part of the Sunday lunch ritual. These cakes are almost always shop-bought, cost an arm and a leg and are eaten with great ceremony, never - god forbid - on a park bench.

In the UK and North America baking cakes and biscuits is a home-based activity with the focus on the production side. The fun is in the baking process - if it burns, just throw it in the bin. Birthdays and parties are often occasions for baking, but a rainy day is just as good.

An arm and a leg. A high price to pay


  1. The perfect Inglesita post as I look for a recipe for banana bread. Those bananas go soft very quickly in the summer!

  2. Actually Rachel, I think I had baking on the brain because of your descriptions of your antics with your new oven. Yum yum, I love banana bread, lucky Iñigo and girls!

  3. Great picture! Lovely smell :)

  4. Thanks Sita! The bakery is on Bermondsey St. in the Borough district of London. It's lined with cute cafés and old pubs, very nice indeed :-)

  5. Blackening bananas can be frozen, if you're not in the mood for banana bread at that precise moment. Got a scary-looking bunch of them in my freezer right now, where they'll have to stay till September at least.