Sunday, August 8, 2010


Class. A set, collection, or group of members seen as having certain attributes in common.

This week I travelled in a "second-class" carriage on a train from Paddington to Cardiff and sent a letter by "first-class" post to Spain (well I didn't really, but I did take a photo of the postbox, see below).

For me, dividing people on trains with the word "class" is not modern-day Britain. It makes me think of Mary Poppins's London of bankers and chimney sweeps.

I understand that in an efficient market, the same or similar products should be sold at different prices on various pretexts. In fact, since reading The Undercover Economist it fascinates me that someone - even me - is willing to pay double the price for their coffee if it has chocolate sprinkled on the top.

But hey, why not give the train carriages a new name? Luxurious, quiet, or more chocolatey?

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