Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Answer to quiz: fit in

Question: "I sometimes find it difficult to _______ at social gatherings with my girlfriend's family".

Answer: Fit in
Fit in means to belong to or conform, e.g. She doesn't fit in with the other children (she is a bit different and doesn't mix with them easily).

Fit in also means to find a time or place or time for something, e.g. The dentist fit me in for an emergency appointment (ouch!) 

Wasn't easy - the verb fit has hundreds of uses. Test your knowledge of fit + prepositions with this quick online quiz.


  1. Scored 100% on the quiz, and am very relieved, being an English teacher in my other life. Had a few doubts, but I blame your questions.

  2. You're right that being a teacher isn't always a guarantee of knowledge. And you have to watch those naughty pupils trying to catch you out!