Thursday, May 27, 2010


Epic. An extended narrative poem, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero.

Homer's Iliad and the Icelandic Snorra Edda are examples of true epics.

"Epic" is also a genre: any work showing human drama on a grand scale.

There are tons of e
pic films. They are normally ambitious, so some are spectacular and unforgettable (Ben-Hur, Gone With the Wind, etc.) and others are embarrassingly bad (have you seen Australia? Oh dear!).

Nike have just released a mini-epic advert for the World Cup, "Write the Future". What do you think of it? It seems bizarre to me - and what is Homer Simpson doing in it? A very unmoving "epic ad" for an epic event :-)

In modern language "epic" is more frequently is used to describe something extraordinarily good and unusual e.g. "That's an epic haircut, man!"

Lastly, an epic fail means total failure (see pic of boy on bike).

Genre. A kind, or type, as of works of literature, art, etc.
Bizarre. Very strange.

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