Sunday, May 2, 2010


Sarcasm. Cutting and often ironic language. Sometimes just for humour, but often intended to hurt someone's feelings.

You might know British sarcasm from TV shows like The Young Ones or Blackadder. (If you've missed these, see Blackadder explain the start of WWI to Baldrick :-)

The North Americans have their own sarcasm. Read the vocab below, then listen to the cartoon.

Resume. Curriculum vitae ("CV" in British English).
Undesirable. Not wanted or pleasant.
Supportiveness. Providing support or assistance.

Did you get it? Check below. If you liked this one, you can find lots more RingTales animated cartoons.

Dogbert is sarcastically supportive of Dilbert's search for a new job.
Dilbert says, resume is done. I will no longer be a slave to my company. 
Dogbert says, Yeah! Now you're a potential slave for a company in an undesirable location! Dibert asks, Was that sarcasm or supportiveness? 
Dogbert says, You only think there's a difference.

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