Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Foul . An infraction or violation of the rules of play.

If you thought fouls were limited to the football field, you thought wrong.

Fouling goes from dogs and dirtying (see above) to a politician cheating ("foul play").

Someone in a foul temper becomes angry or violent very suddenly and easily. Weather can be foul too, when it's stormy, windy, etc. - it's often used in the UK :-) And a foul smell is a disgusting one!

Foul play. Cheating; unfair or illegal actions or bad practice.

Fall foul of someone. You do something which gets you into trouble with them.
Foul something up. Make a mistake and ruin something/ irreparable mis-management.


  1. Hmmm... I am a foul soul... I am always afraid of fouling things up at work... Just practising your lessons, Ingle-Sita! ;-)

  2. Foul soul is not a very kind way to describe yourself. And I don't believe you normally foul stuff up at work, you're too competent. Keep practising though Sita!

  3. Kiko loves to foul the pavements of Vilanova...despite spending an hour in the park.
    Barça fans are especially fond of calling 'foul play' when the ref's decisions go agains them. IMHO, of course!