Sunday, June 13, 2010

Screw top

Screw top: a metal cap that is screwed on and off a bottle.

This cartoon from The Onion caught my eye.

On a recent trip to the UK I was sad to see that almost all wine bottles now have screw tops. Not just cheapo but good wine. Now I know screw tops have advantages, but I miss corks! The ceremony of the corkscrewing, the pop sound.

While over half of cork forests are in Spain and Portugal, the US is the biggest manufacturer of cork products. The cartoon suggests the Chinese have a plot to destroy ("wipe out") the US industry by replacing corks with screw tops. The American consumers are shown as naive, i.e. they have no critical judgement, saying that the new screw tops are "neat" i.e. cute.
What do you prefer, screw top or cork?

Wipe out. To destroy.
. Lack of sophistication or critical judgement


  1. Corks and pop forever! :) Yes, I will miss them too. Although I understand that a few things shall change with regard to huge scale producing and sustainability, I may sometimes be sad that we can not keep a few things more natural or traditional. Hopefully we won't miss good wine though :)

  2. Yes that's right, I can't imagine a corkscrew being a museum piece one day, weird. Though think we are safe from screw tops for in Spain a time, there's far too much wine tradition here!