Monday, June 21, 2010

The Wire

Wire 1. a pliable metallic strand or  2. a hidden microphone

The Wire is a TV crime-drama series set on the streets and in the institutions of the city of Baltimore. Watch it, if you haven't. You'll be hooked.

There are 5 seasons, each as gripping as the last. The Wire is an epic story of urban life, poverty, crisis and, above all, humanity. Unlike most police series, there are no baddies or goodies, and it's impossible to have just one favourite character, they all shine, from the cops with their vices to the street urchins or drug addicts (Bubbles, I love you!). And, the script, though not for delicate sensibilities, is the work of a very gifted guy.

If you haven't seen The Wire, don't sit down till you have the whole box set. Wait for a rainy day and silence your phone. "Baltimore" will never mean the same to you again.

Here are some classic The Wire one-liners. Warning: strong language! Beware of using outside Baltimore :-)

Hooked. Captivated, devoted, addicted.
Gripping. Holds your interest or attention.


  1. The very best TV series I have ever seen. I never thought I'd say that after seeing The Sopranos.

  2. Yes, I'd given up on TV until I put on the first episode at friend's house in London. Will let you know when I've seen series 4 to discuss!