Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hung parliament

Hung parliament. The situation when, after an election, no political party has an overall majority.

This cartoon from today's The Times plays on the expression "hung parliament", the outcome of last Thursday's general election in the UK.

We see the leaders of the three main political parties "hung" or "hanged" by ropes from a tree.

Perhaps it means that the British public is angry and is going to hang the politicians. Or that they have been tied up to force them to talk and reach an agreement.

What do you think the cartoonist is saying?

To hang. 1. To suspend.
2. To execute by suspending by the neck. 
To tie up. To fasten or secure with a cord or rope.

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  1. Poor Brown ... and in the other side poor Clegg, we won't have a Spanish lady in Downing Street ... It would have been good for Gibraltar :-)