Sunday, May 9, 2010


Quiz. (noun) 1. A game in which players try to answer questions.

Quizzes can be generalist or about anything from Icelandic football to the author Mark Twain. They're often done for fundraising for charity.

The most fun quizzes are those in pubs, where groups compete to answer trivia questions. There are over 20,000 pub quizzes per week in the UK! It's a great way to meet people if you're new to an area.

Quiz is also:
(noun) 2. An exam of a few short questions. These are the kind you did at school. Not so fun, but good for testing your knowledge. Try some English language quizzes.

(Verb) 1. To question closely or repeatedly/interrogate. What someone's dad might do with their daughter's new boyfriend :-)


  1. I actually won several quizzes while living in the of them was really interesting for us, in a Maryport´s pub (West Cumbria) and honestly, you wouldn´t believe that we were understanding the speaker accent... amazing!
    Not bad for a spaniard, isn´t it?

  2. Very good Jordi! Definitely an authentic cultural experience :-) Do you think the pub quiz could be successfully exported, or do you see it as a very British thing?

  3. I believe it is more for the British... we´ve got better weather over here,so better things to waste our time... but probably we could invent a beach-quiz or something similar... hit of the summer???

  4. Why not, yes? Though don't forget we have dark winter nights here in Spain too, just it's hard to remember them at this time of the year :-)